Konferencje naukowe 2017


Understanding Social Cognition. 3rd edition of the conference Trends in Interdisciplinary Studies

Centrum Kultury w Lublinie
Lublin, ul. Peowiaków 12 (zobacz na mapie)

Within the social sciences, it is widely accepted that groups of people exhibit social properties and dynamics that emerge from, but cannot be reductively identified with the actions and properties of individual members. However, psychology and cognitive science have only reluctantly embraced the idea that something similar might happen in the domain of mind and cognition. Contemporary research on the distinctively social aspects of human cognition, which has exploded over the past two decades, tends to fall somewhere along the following continuum. On the “conservative” side, the minds of individuals are currently being reconceived as socially situated, culturally scaffolded, and deeply transformed by our life-long immersion and participation in group contexts. According to more “liberal” multi-level approaches, the informational integration of functionally interdependent and socially distributed individual cognitive processes can give rise to emergent group-level cognitive phenomena. We invite participants to explore the full spectrum of social cognition, running the gamut from elementary social-cognitive skills that allow people to think and act together, through embodied behavioral coupling and joint intentionality, mechanisms of mindreading and mutual understanding, all the way to group cognition.

Opłata konferencyjna:

200 zł, 400 zł

Organizatorzy konferencji:

Instytut Filozofii Uniwersytetu Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej; Ośrodek Badań Filozoficznych; Wydział Filozofii Katolickiego Uniwersytetu Lubelskiego; Instytut Filozofii i Socjologii PAN; Villanowa University; Copernicus Center

Dyscypliny naukowe:

Filozofia, Językoznawstwo, Kulturoznawstwo, Media i Komunikowanie, Psychologia, Socjologia

Słowa kluczowe:

Kultura, kognitywistyka, filozofia umysłu, język, społeczeństwo, ciało, poznanie, organizacja, umysł, inni

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