Konferencje naukowe 2017


Arab and Muslim World in international relations

European Solidarity Centre
Gdansk, PI Solidarności 1 (zobacz na mapie)

The conference will be held in Gdańsk (Poland), in the European Solidarity Centre on 23th November 2017. This invitation is addressed to scholars, researchers, experts and professionals interested in the broadly defined Arab and Muslim World reaching from the West Africa through the Middle East and Central Asia until the Far East. The major focus of the conference is on the Middle East countries, yet topics related to the Muslim countries of the Far East (e.g. Indonesia), Central Asia (e.g. Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan), or North Africa (e.g. Algeria, Morocco) are also within the conference agenda.

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The Polish International Studies Association together with the European Solidarity Centre, and the Europe-Asia-Africa Foundation


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islam, International Relations, Middle East, Arab and Muslim World

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