Konferencje naukowe 2018


4th DELab UW International Conference "Rethinking digitalisation of economies and societies"

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Warszawa, Dobra 56/66 (zobacz na mapie)

  The University of Warsaw is proud to host the 4th International DELab UW Conference: Rethinking digitalisation of economies and societies. We invite academics, researchers and PhD candidates from different disciplines (such as Economics, Sociology, Administration, Management and Governance, Philosophy) for an interdisciplinary, intensive one-day Conference.

  The topics of interest are the following: rethinking digitalisation – critical approach towards digital transformation of societies and challanges for democracy flowing from the power of algorithms. We encourage participants to question the dominant positions on the following topics and voice alternative concepts describing, among others:
new technologies and labour market
alternative business models
digital consumption

decentralized institutions
digitized democracy
ethics and technology
global digitalization
power of algorithms
digital economy

Deadline for abstracts: June 30, 2018
Registration form: www.delab.uw.edu.pl/conference2018
Contact: conference@delab.uw.edu.pl

We kindly ask authors to structure abstracts by fields: HIGHLIGHTS, BACKGROUND, METHODS, RESULTS and CONCLUSIONS in maximum 900 characters.

Conference fee:
100 EUR / 400 PLN (active participation, fee for scholars)
50 EUR / 200 PLN (active participation, fee for PhD candidates)

Authors of abstracts will be notified about selection by July 31, 2018

More information: www.delab.uw.edu.pl/conference2018

Opłata konferencyjna:

100 EUR / 400 PLN (scholars) 50 EUR / 200 PLN (PhD candidates)

Organizatorzy konferencji:

DELab UW | Digital Economy Lab
ul. Dobra 56/66, 00-312 Warszawa
+48 22 55 27 001
email: conference@delab.uw.edu.pl

Dyscypliny naukowe:

Ekonomia, Socjologia

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Źródło:  http://www.delab.uw.edu.pl/conference2018

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