12th Symposium on Vacuum based Science and Technology



The 12th Symposium on Vacuum based Science and Technology is organized on          November 15-18, 2021 in Kolobrzeg (PL).

The Symposium already traditionally offers a forum for the presentation of recent research results and discussion on topics related to vacuum-based science and technology.

The scope of the Symposium:

- Additively manufactured components – plasma-based surface treatment

- Materials and technologies for hydrogen generation, storage, and fuel cells

- New trends and concepts in plasma-based surface treatment and deposition processes

- Plasma physics and techniques

- Protective thin film coatings

- Thin films and surface treatment for biomedical applications

- Thin-film solar cells and sensors

The meeting is accompanied by the Industry Exhibition, where manufacturers and sales companies offer vacuum equipment, measurement, and control systems as well as components for vacuum-based science and technology.

On-line SVC tutorial courses will be offered in the Society of Vacuum Coaters Educational Program framework.


If that sounds interesting, you must definitely join us.

Visit the Symposium website at: www.svbst.tu.koszalin.pl  or register NOW

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