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Przemyśl, ul. Książąt Lubomirskich 6 37-700 Przemyśl

The VIRTUAL EDUCATION Conference - OPPORTUNITIES and CHALLENGES is an opportunity to meet professionals dealing with digital education on a daily basis and analyse the state of virtual education in Poland to attempt to develop a plan for its further development. Practitioners of virtual and digital education, trainers, teachers, lecturers, researchers, authors of publications and creators of IT tools, promoters of modern digital education and representatives of IT education companies are invited to participate in the conference. The conference will also help to exchange views and debate on how to integrate virtual technologies into the current education model, in the light of the many challenges and opportunities which arise.  Is the future of education virtual or virtually assisted?  How does today's education use VR and AR?  How is virtual reality used in education at different levels?

This and a lot more will be discussed by the participants of the 1st VIRTUAL EDUCATION of Approach Conference – OPPORTUNITIES and CHALLENGES. The thematic scope of the conference also includes:

·       Virtual competence landscape

·       Technologies and tools

·       Virtualisation from the researcher's perspective

·       Virtual competences for development – achievements, needs,and plans

·       Digital transformation - systemic solutions

·       Investment in education of the future

·       Managing the education of the future

·       Virtual education and economic challenges

Źródło:  https://vr2023.pansp.pl/konferencja/

Aktualizacja:  2023-02-16