The International Mid-term ESA RN 10 Conference "Sociology of Education: Wellbeing and Resilience in the Times of Crisis"


The Maria Grzegorzewska University
Warsaw, Szczęśliwicka 40

We would like to use the lens of sociology of education to discuss quality vs. equity, to discuss quality of outcomes vs. wellbeing. We invite contributors from education, sociology of education and political sciences to share their research findings and their theoretical contributions to look at education systems, education policies, educational praxis and environmental considerations around access and quality.

We are particularly interested in research that pinpoints how to enhance wellbeing, resilience and motivation to create more inclusive, high-quality education. We are also interested in obstacles and challenges that stand in the way. We welcome researchers that tackle newly emerged phenomenon, such as post-Covid19 crisis, economic crisis, with new conflicts and wars emerging across the globe, the genocide still occurring and human rights being so very fragile in too many places in the world. We would also like to welcome research that discusses educational realities to support learners and their peers in the everyday struggles.
We hope that some of the conference outcomes will translate into fostering the wellbeing and resilience of children, youths drawing from the innovative, reflective mindsets of the educators, whose wellbeing and mindfulness will cascade to the end-beneficiaries


Aktualizacja:  2023-01-16 10:54:46