Just say IT: International Workshop on Interpreting Technologies (SAY-IT 2023)


University of Malaga
Częstochowa, ul. Zbierskiego 2/4

We are pleased to announce Just say IT: International Workshop on Interpreting Technologies (SAY-IT 2023), which will take place at the University of Malaga (Spain), on the 5th, 6th, and 7th of June 2023. SAY-IT 2023 is a follow-up of the successful International Workshop on Interpreting Technologies, which also took place in Malaga in May 2022. SAY-IT 2023 will precede the 19th International Conference on Traducción, Texto e Interferencias (‘Translation, Text and Interferences’), also at the University of Malaga (Spain), from the 7th to the 9th of June 2023.

SAY-IT 2023 seeks to act as a meeting point for researchers working in interpreting related technologies (CAI tools, machine interpreting, speech to text/speech translation, remote interpreting, etc.); practicing tech-savvy interpreters; companies and freelancers providing services in interpreting as well as companies developing tools for interpreters. In addition to the short papers for presentation, SAY-IT will feature invited talks by prominent experts as well as presentations and panels hosted by practitioners. While language technologies have already made a major impact on the core tasks in the translation profession, the field of interpreting has not yet witnessed a fundamental paradigm shift on account of their use. Against such a background, SAY-IT seeks to fill in this gap by allowing the discussion, the scientific comparison, and the mutual enrichment of researchers and professionals working with interpreting-related technologies. In this regard, SAY-IT addresses the development of interpreting-related tools, and the experience interpreters have with these tools as well as the development of machine interpreting engines, incorporating (or not) human expertise. The workshop also offers a discussion forum and publishing opportunity for interpreters and for researchers and developers working on interpreting-related technology and machine interpreting.


We are also glad to announce the confirmed invited speakers for SAY-IT 2023:

• Bart Defrancq: Associate Professor at Ghent University (Belgium)

• Daniela Eichmeyer-Hell: certified speech-to-text interpreter, University of Vienna (Austria)

• Fardad Zabetian: Co-founder & CEO at KUDO

• Jan Niehues: professor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany) leading the “AI for Language Technologies” group.

• Pablo Romero Fresco: Senior Lecturer at Universidade de Vigo (Spain) and Honorary Professor of Translation and Filmmaking at the University of Roehampton, London (UK)

• Susana Rodríguez Verdugo: Co-founder & CEO at KUNVENO

Additional invited speakers will be announced on the web and in the second and further call for papers.


The international workshop invites submissions reporting original unpublished work in the form of short papers (SP). Short papers should not exceed 7 pages excluding references; they should be minimum 5 pages long. Short papers should follow the template provided in Submissions. The accepted short papers will be published as e-proceedings with ISBN, will be assigned a DOI and will be also available at the time of the workshop. SPs must be written in English. The deadline for SP submissions is 10 th May 2023. SPs can be submitted via the following link: http://lexytrad.es/SAYIT2023/. Authors will be notified on 19th May 2023. In addition, a call for follow-up papers will be announced after the workshop, where participants in SAY-IT 2023 will have the chance to submit full-length papers based on their research. These full-length papers will be published as peer-reviewed chapters in a SPI-Q1 book.


We invite short papers on the following four main themes, however, submissions on related topics will also be considered. Both theoretical ideas and practical applications are welcome.

Existing methods and resources:
• Latest advances in interpreting technologies (CAI tools, machine interpreting, remote interpreting, etc.),

• Electronic resources for interpreters,

• NLP for interpreting,

• Corpus annotation for interpreting-related technology,

• Crowdsourcing techniques for creating resources for interpreting,

User needs:

• Analysis of interpreters’ needs in terms of interpreting-related technology,

• User requirements for interpreting-related tools,

• Incorporating human knowledge into interpreting-related technology,

• What existing interpreters’ tools do not offer (yet),

• Technology impact on interpreters: cognitive issues,


• (Human) evaluation of interpreting-related technology,

• Crowdsourcing techniques for evaluating interpreting,

• ASR- and AI-enhanced tools: current technical limitations and challenges,

• Evaluation of existing resources for interpreters,

• Human evaluation of machine interpreting, Text, speech and hybrid modalities:

• Speech-to-text services,

• Speech translation/Speech-to-speech,

• Respeaking,

• SimConsec,

• Tablet interpreting,


• Position papers discussing how machine interpreting should be improved to incorporate interpreters’ expertise,

• Interpreting-related technologies in the educational context,

• Interpreting-related technologies’ impact on the market,

• Comparison between human and machine interpreting,

• Changes in the interpreters’ professions in the new technology era especially due to the latest developments in machine interpreting.

Besides the above topics, submissions from industry and practitioners could also discuss the followings topics: distinctive work experience, ongoing practical work, inhouse procedures or software, in-house processing pipelines, technology needs, managing an interpreting-related (technology) company, interpreters in the technology era, IP issues or any topic linked to their professional activities in the field of (technology for) interpreting, etc.


Early-bird (until 26th May): Attendees only 20€, Participants 40€ 

Late (after 27th May): Attendees only 30€, Participants 60€

Registration is available through the following link (until full capacity): http://lexytrad.es/SAYIT2023/registration/

For further information, you can access SAY-IT 2023’s official website: http://lexytrad.es/SAYIT2023/ 

The Organising Committee can also be contacted via email: lexytrad@uma.es

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