Phenomenon of Post-Globalisation Culture in the Context of Military Conflicts



Cultural knowledge is an important aspect of dealing with the challenges of war. Different people have different perspectives, opinions and experiences on social issues and the experience of war. This diversity can be an advantage in addressing cultural challenges and contribute to successful resistance to aggression, victory, de-occupation and reconstruction of the country. To increase cultural empowerment, it is important to know the culture of the enemy and to critically assess Ukraine's colonial history. The aim of the conference is to bring together representatives of the philosophical, cultural and sociological communities of Ukraine, as well as all those interested in the problems of cultural activity in times of war. Suggested topics of the conference:

 The role of cultural potential under conditions of war: challenges and opportunities.

 Cultural practices and customs in the context of military conflicts: impact on health and well-being of the population.

 Cultural education and training under conditions of war: challenges and prospects.

 Resettlement and migration in the context of military conflicts: cultural challenges and possibilities of adaptation.

 Cultural heritage under conditions of war: challenges and strategies for preservation.

 The impact of war on cultural practices and traditions of recreation and leisure.

 Post-colonial challenges and prospects in Ukraine in the context of military conflicts.

 Cultural cooperation in Europe during the war: experience and challenges.

The working languages of the conference: Ukrainian, English

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