6th Old English Student Conference: Tellers and Their Tales


Collegium Nowodworskiego UJ
Częstochowa, ul. Zbierskiego 2/4

We extend a cordial invitation to all scholars and students (BA, MA, PhD) interested in the study of the Anglo-Saxon period and in the various ways of retelling the Anglo-Saxon past across centuries.
This year the conference theme is an invitation to explore the relationship between the various tellers and the way they shape their tales. Whether it be Anglo-Saxon England or any other place in space and time, storytellers have their own unique ways of telling or retelling a story, which is often deeply rooted in their cultural, linguistic or socio-historical context. Since the conference promotes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the Anglo-Saxon period and beyond, we would like to invite papers from various fields of interest (e.g. literature, culture, historical linguistics, paleography, history).
This will hopefully allow for the continuation of our attempt to map the presence of Anglo-Saxons across time and space, from Middle Ages until the present day.

Papers may address, but are not limited to the following themes:
- The oral formulaic tradition and the position of the scop in Anglo-Saxon culture
- Various Anglo-Saxon narrators and narratives (poetry, prose, historiography etc.)
- Anglo-Saxon narrators and their counterparts in other cultures (e.g. scops and scalds)
- Literary and other representations of the Anglo-Saxon past
- Historical imagination and historical fiction
- The passing of time, cultural change and the concept of national identity or heritage
- Synchronic, diachronic, cross-dialectal and cross-linguistic perspective on Old English in narrative texts
- Linguistic and stylistic analysis of different narrative modes in Old English texts
- Incorporation and function of the Old English language in modern narratives

Submission​ ​deadline:​ ​28th December 2017

DEADLINE EXTENDED: 7th January​ ​2018

Conference​ ​language:​ English

Paper​ ​Proposals:
We invite students and scholars from various academic fields to submit their proposals (c.a. 250 words)
for twenty-minute papers.
Please fill in the registration form available on our website.

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