5th Avant Workshop: 'Inspirations: 20th-century Philosophy and Contemporary Studies on Cognition'


Instytut Nauk Prawnych PAN
Częstochowa, ul. Zbierskiego 2/4

We encourage all participants of the workshop to consider problems concerning both contemporary philosophy and cognitive sciences, such as representation, perception, consciousness, action and agency, to name a few. We are interested in historical questions as how different philosophical accounts influenced or inspired contemporary studies of cognition, as well as what kind of problems in modern philosophy—if any—were wrongly omitted and need to be reconsidered. Since it is a common fact that cognitive sciences are inspired by some philosophical works (analytical, phenomenological or hermeneutical) as ‘embodied’, ‘situated’, ‘extended’ or ‘enactive’ approaches to cognition, we would also like to ask how philosophy can shed light on problems puzzled by cognitive sciences, such as problems of perception and representation.

Invited Speaker: prof. Sofia Miguens (the Department of Philosophy of the University of Porto), the Principal Investigator of MLAG (Mind, Language and Action Group)

Organizing Committee: Marcin Miłkowski (chair; IPhS PAS), Witold Wachowski (coordinator; UW, IPhS PAS), Krystyna Bielecka (UW), Michał Piekarski (IF UKSW), Marcin Trybulec (UMCS), Przemysław Nowakowski (IPhS PAS).


Źródło:  http://avant.edu.pl/en/workshop5

Aktualizacja:  2018-09-17