3rd Wroclaw Scientific Meetings 2010


Wydział Farmaceutyczny z Oddziałem Analityki Medycznej
Częstochowa, ul. Zbierskiego 2/4

3rd Wroclaw Scientific Meetings is an event organized by the scientists from Faculty of Pharmacy with Division of Laboratory Diagnostics of Wroclaw Medical University. The conference is addressed to young researchers. It is a unique opportunity to present their work in the field of pharmacy, biology, medicine, toxicology, engineering, and technology. The third edition will take place on 1st-2nd March 2019 in Wroclaw, which is the historical capital of Silesia and Lower Silesia.

-Basics, fundamental mechanisms and modelling of drug delivery
-Pharmacokinetic studies
-Biomedicine and bioengineering
-Toxicological studies
-Biotechnology, genetics and bioinformatics
-Other emerging technologies for pharmaceutical, biomedical and biological sciences

Źródło:  https://www.konferencje.umed.wroc.pl/3wsm/

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