Fifth International Communication Styles Conference: Communication in Times of Permacrisis


Wydział Leśny UR
Kraków, al. 29 listopada 46

We invite linguists, communication scholars, folklorists, translation scholars, language teaching scholars and experts in related fields to submit abstract proposals on topics that include, but are not limited to discussing how various communication styles are used in coping with: 

  • climate (environmental) crisis
  • health crises
  • food crisis
  • energy crisis
  • political crisis
  • war crisis
  • migration crisis
  • religious crisis
  • personal crisis
  • and other crises

The papers could deal with various types of discourses (public and private, business, political, social media, and face-to face, translation), genres or registers, drawing attention to intra-, inter- and cross-cultural communication issues, such as populism, propaganda, polarization of opinions, political correctness, politeness, netiquette, hate speech, obscenity and taboo, humour, creativity, metaphor, intertextuality, and globalization as exemplified by the use of English as lingua franca.