10th European Young Engineers Conference


Wydział Inżynierii Chemicznej i Procesowej PW
Częstochowa, ul. Zbierskiego 2/4

European Young Engineers Conference is intended for students of both Bachelor (BSc) and Master (Msc) degree, as well as PhD candidates.

Goals of the Conference:

  • to provide everyone a place for exchanging thoughts and ideas
  • to integrate the community of young scientists by creating an environment where knowledge of different fields could pervade
  • to enable the participants to present their work and to receive feedback at an early stage of their research

The conference covers following matters:

  • process engineering
  • chemical engineering
  • process equipment
  • biomedical engineering
  • nanotechnologies & nanomaterials
  • bioprocess engineering
  • environmental protection
  • material engineering
  • other engineering disciplines

For many of the participants, our Conference was the first step towards their scientific career. Thanks to EYEC’s scope, friendly atmosphere and high level of presented research, we do believe that events like that are the best way to develop one’s interpersonal skills as well as to broaden the scientific knowledge.

During EYEC participants present their oral presentations, take part in poster sessions and open discussions about future as well as trends of chemical and process engineering and related fields such as bioprocess engineering, material engineering, environmental protection, nanotechnologies, nanomaterials and so on. Thanks to our Special Guests, participants can associate with specialists and mentors in many sections of engineering.

We simply want you to believe that everything is possible and that there are many people like you and us – with passion for science and engineering.

More detailed information on subjects of the Conference, terms of participation, deadlines and fees can be found on the conference website (www.eyec.ichip.pw.edu.pl) as well as other social media: Facebook (.facebook.com/EYEC.WUT) and LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/company/eyec-knichip/).

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